LPG Repair Adelaide


Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently and this saves you money. Have your vehicle LPG system serviced and tuned by Adelaide Autogas. Better yet – have your LPG system serviced and your oil filter changed sparkplugs checked and leads changed.

Factory Holden Impco BRC Systems *NEW*
Zavoli And Lovato Autogas Venturi Systems
Prins SVI Systems (Sequential Vapour Injection)
Sprintgas Vapour Injection and Venturi Systems
Emer Vapour Injection
Vialle LPG Systems
Impco LPG Systems
Landirenzo Vapour Injection and Venturi Systems
King Vapour Injection Systems
Orbital Liquid Injection Systems

LPG conversion
LPG repairs and services
LPG tank testing
Tune, Check and Diagnosis Of LPG System
Oil and Filter change*
Sparkplug and leads change*
Free quote
Removal of Unwanted Gastanks
Removal of Unwanted Systems
Pick up Vehicle with prior notice
Custom and Performance Conversions
EFTPOS Avaliable

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LPG Repair Adelaide