LPG Conversion and Repairs

Adelaide Autogas for all repairs, service and installation of liquid lpg and vapour injection lpg systems, Dedicated lpg system repairs, Ford dedicated gas, Orbital lpg and gas liquid injection systems and now servicing factory Holden Impco BRC vapour systems.

Specialising in Vapour Injection Systems and authorised installers of Liquid Injection for the factory Ford supplier Orbital. See our Gallery for recent installs.

How much will I save converting to gas? Find a calculator here.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

LPG conversions specialists. Adelaide Autogas based in Pooraka. The home of Installation and Service of both vapour and liquid injection gas systems.


Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently and this saves you money. Have your vehicle LPG system serviced and tuned by Adelaide Autogas.

Tank Testing

When was your LPG tank last tested? All LPG tanks must be tested every 10 years and is designed to establish that the tank is not a risk.

LPG Conversion and Repairs